Real Estate Appraisal

SJDA has extensive experience appraising various apartment and commercial properties such as:

Office Buildings
Apartment Buildings
Shopping Centers
Department Stores
Auto Sales Facilities
Condominium Complexes
Bank Branch Buildings
Single Family Residences
Medical Buildings
Vacant Land
Industrial Warehouses
Industrial Parks
Golf Courses
Residential Subdivisions

Recent litigation appraisals include damages from undetected easements, defective foundation construction, defective plumbing construction, lease termination damages, toxic soil and groundwater contamination, view impairment, and loss of common area exclusivity. For damage analysis, we obtain proprietary data to support stigma damage or impairment.

Major properties appraised include:

Promenade Towers, L.A. (573 units)
Grand Promenade, L.A. (372 units)
Manhattan Village Mall, Manhattan Beach (375,000 SF)
Figueroa Plaza II, L.A. (307,000 SF Office)
Downtown Holiday Inn, L.A. (205 rooms)
Spelling Manor (57,000 SF residence)

Steven J. Decker is an MAI member of the Appraisal Institute and an ASA-BV member of the American Society of Appraisers.