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"All of your valuation efforts were instrumental in achieving a very satisfactory audit resolution...The Internal Revenue Service and I found your real estate and partial interest valuation reports to be very effective with respect to resolving issues that arose on audit." - Estate Planning Attorney
"I am writing this letter of appreciation for the work you recently performed in the valuation of real estate and non-marketable minority interest. I found both your real estate and LLC review reports to be thorough and credible. I especially appreciate your use of actual partnership and LLC interest comparables, which is rare." - IRS Official
"I found your real estate and partial interest valuation reports to be compelling and credible, and the reports and your presentation to the IRS helped greatly in our negotiations." - Tax Attorney
"Please be advised that the parties have reached an agreement to settle the above-referenced matter, in its entirety. On behalf of my clients, I would like to thank you for your help on this matter. Without your professional assistance and advice, my clients would not have been able to achieve a satisfactory settlement of this dispute with their title insurer." - Real Estate Attorney
"Relative to the bankruptcy case in which we worked together, I found your appraisal report to be thorough and credible." - Bankruptcy Attorney
"In the case where we worked together, I found you to be a credible expert witness in a jury trial relating to a civil case. My client did prevail in the matter." - Real Estate Attorney